Guide to HB 837 and the Impact of Florida’s New Tort Reform Law

The Florida Tort Reform Bill of 2023, also known as HB 837, was …

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What Is CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) and How to Use It

How criminals behave in an area is inspired by environmental cues. CPTED is …

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The “NEW” National Terrorism Advisory System

Well ….. The DHS finally did it !    They decided the old color …

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Natural Catastrophe / Emergency Response Preparedness

With the recent severe weather conditions experienced throughout the US as well as …

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Walking the Line of Competitive Intelligence

In previous posts we have talked about how economic espionage effected Apple with …

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Reducing the Risks of Economic Espionage

In 1996 the United States government made it a federal crime to gather …

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Social Media and Corporate Security

We came across this article over at the conversation agent about how crisis …

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Reducing the Risk of Workplace Violence

Many people think of workplace violence as something extreme like a disgrunteled employee …

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Balancing the risks of Commercial Security Systems

Commercial Security Systems come in many different flavors. What we have found in …

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Outsourcing Security Consulting

Good outsourced security consulting provides a complete management guide for contracting security support …

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