Expert Witness Services

Cases are won or lost based on facts. Let our expert witnesses help you interpret the facts for the proper outcome.

Due to our expertise in security consulting and our extensive knowledge of security case law, we are often asked to provide expert witness services for litigation cases where issues of security are in question. Our expert witness services include litigation consulting, jury selection, and expert witness testimony. Our expert witnesses are Board Certified Protection Professionals and are available for legal cases including: special event security, fire/life safety design, OSHA compliance, security systems design, premise liability, workplace violence mitigation, and security management.

Litigation Consulting: Throughout the litigation process, our expert security consultants provide valuable guidance, advice, and information that can be critical for the preparation, development, and outcome of any security case by any litigation team.

Jury Selection: Early in the litigation process, our expert security consultants share insights that help you assemble the right mix of jurors and prepare you for unique situations that may arise in your specific type of forensic case.

Expert Witness Testimony: During the litigation process, our expert security consultants take the stand and provide an honest and forthright testimony based on critical expert knowledge that sheds light on the outcome of forensic cases throughout the country.

The litigation process can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re less prepared than the opposition. Preparation means both developing confidence in your own case and expecting the unexpected. Our expert witness services can give a forensic case the upper-hand by turning our expert knowledge and experience into your preparation.

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