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Natural Catastrophe / Emergency Response Preparedness

With the recent severe weather conditions experienced throughout the US as well as the current 2010 Hurricane season, we thought it appropriate timing to issue our annual reminder to review and test your local Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response procedures, as well as to fine tune aspects of your plans, if needed.

As you know, whether you are situated in a hurricane zone, tornado alley, wild fire, earthquake or other natural catastrophe (NatCat) area or in the event of any other type of catastrophic or severe event, it is vital to the safety and well being of your visitors, guests, team members and the ongoing operation, to ensure that all your team members are familiar with your procedures in advance of an event.

We would also like to take this opportunity to suggest you revisit your Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery process and the Pre-positioned Disaster Recovery Services provided by available contractors.  Forward thinking companies utilizing our “Strata” program at  Center for Security Solutions, will find that these issues are already  addressed and that a competent disaster recovery company is on-call for you.

As a reminder, disaster recovery companies are also available to provide remediation of property damage in connection with other events such as asset stabilization after a fire; water extraction and dehumidification related to water damage from pipe bursts or malfunctioned sprinkler heads or water intrusion from driven rain; etc.    They have an extensive range of remediation services and, in most cases; their rates have been negotiated with insurers, which will help expedite the claim adjustment and settlement payment process.  While your Directors of Engineering and Security should already be aware of this, please share this reminder with all appropriate members of your Executive Committee and Team Members.  Let us at C4SS know if you have any questions in this regard.

And, for those of you in a hurricane zone, the most recent predictions are estimating a very robust season.  While the website is probably already in your “Favorites” file, up-to-date storm tracking throughout the season can be accessed via the NOAA website at   Obviously, all of us are hoping for the best, again, this season!