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Outsourcing Security Consulting

Good outsourced security consulting provides a complete management guide for contracting security support services, particularly those associated with protective organizations.  It helps security and facility managers through the quagmire of conceptual planning, proposal evaluation and contract negotiation, and helps them to realize cost savings, improve productivity, and elevate the quality level of the contracted service.

Organizations can have a wide range of security needs, from managing the risk associated with layoffs to executive protection. Having full time security staff to meet the needs that don’t fit into the daily operations of the company is not as cost effective as finding a company that can provide on demand security consulting to get you through those times. Many times smaller companies will put themselves and their employees at risk because they are not aware that you can hire outsourced security direction with products like Strata.  At the very least, we recommend meeting with a security consultant once a year to discuss the needs of your organization.  A few other resources are the Association of Security Consultants, International Association of Professional Security Consultants and blogs like this one that keep you up to date on the security consulting industry.

As we always say, security is important.  You don’t have to have your own in-house security staff to make sure your company and employees are secure. You can build a solid security plan by outsourcing your security concerns and relying on the advice of a professional security consultant.