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Social Media and Corporate Security

We came across this article over at the conversation agent about how crisis communication works in a world where social media exists.  They do a great job of exposing the risks of social media in a crisis communication environment. We think they did a great job of applying their knowledge of social media to the field of crisis communication, but what about other areas of corporate security?

Executive Security and Social Media

In a world where executives are posting their movements to sites like Twitter and Facebook, its becomes a security risk when they are in environments where close protection is required.  One of the things we recommend security consultants do, is question people about their social media activity, and council them on using it safely.

Competitive Intelligence and Social Media

Economic espionage is a reality today more than ever, and social media can be an easy place for employees to leak sensitive economic data.  While it sounds unlikely, for the person that is looking, it will become obvious when a key employee leaks financial information.  Having a social media policy in place can help, and we recommend that security consultants build a comprehensive social media plan that will protect the company and its employees

Its not about control, it’s about knowledge

Social media is a real part of the world today, and we feel it is better to educate employees rather than try to control their involvement in these activities.  A security consultant who educates, limits the risks to corporate security in the workplace and outside of the workplace, building a safer environment all around.