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Security Consultants – How’s Your Web Site ? – Can Your Clients Find You ?

With a growing Security Consultancy we felt that our Independent Security Consultants deserved a new web presence.  We found ourselves like so many new “web-trepreneurs” trying desperately to attract potential new clients to our original web site.   On the Internet today, having a good website is not enough, people need to be able to find it.  Having search engine optimization (SEO), positioning and placement services, helps to make sure they do. But you must also analyze your site, and make the structure more easily crawlable by web robots (“spiders”). We discovered we must also work to increase our link popularity and web presence.  We found it to be an almost daily requirement to check Google Analytics and HubSpot’s Website Grader to try to determine if the fine tuning and adjustments were working.

We found the solution ….  for branding and digital creative,  we have partnered with an outstanding group of creatives at Laughing Samurai.  These guys are as unconventional as their name and just as dedicated as true Samurais.  They took our simple and unproductive web site and squeezed it through their, as they call it, “Awesomizer 3000” and produced a superb site.   It was a complete departure for us and one that required us to let go of that usual reserve, that trait which guys in our business usually have towards anything different or unconventional.

We can only commend Laughing Samurai for getting us through it unscathed, fully operational and looking good.   They continue to help us tweak our site and insure we have the best search-able and functional site to attract new clients and keep our current clients and visitors informed.