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Balancing Close Protection with a Calm Environment

As a public or highly visible private figure, there are many instances where it is necessary to have close protection and the extra peace of mind it brings, when moving in areas where there is uncertainty as to the safety of you or an important principle in your care.  With the nature of the world today, along with the added exposure of new forms of media, its more important than ever to have a good close protection plan.

One of the things we find with public or highly visible private figures is, having the wrong implementation of a close protection movement can present a negative image to their fans or constituents.  At C4SS we feel that close protection should be non intrusive, yet effective.  When we implement movement of an important figure we seek to minimize the impact that close protection has on their image.  There must be a balance that is struck between alerting potential threats of the presence of executive protection, and minimizing the psychological effects of the presence of close protection on the people in attendance at an event.  Some of the ways we do this are:


Our Security Consultants are trained to understand the threats of any personal security situation.  While our main focus is on close protection and safety, we also feel that having a psychological understanding of our environment and the effects that close protection security can have on it is essential to minimizing the risk, and we work that into our training.


A lot of people are unaware that one of the biggest steps to executing a successful close protection movement is planning.  To provide effective close protection, a security consultant will spend time up front planning routes and balancing the risk of the close protection movement.  From this the security consultant can effectively gauge the risks of movement and devise an effective security plan.


During movement, as we have said before, there is extra special care to not intrude on the environment in a way that provides any more awareness than is necessary.  What we mean is, with close protection, you want to alert the bad guys that you are there, but not in a way that it frightens the other people who are in attendance.  Naturally, close protection is not just for events.  Some public individuals need close protection up to 24 hours a day, and our security advisors have skill in all types of close protection services.

To summarize, we feel that close protection is a necessary service.  We also feel that close protection does not need to be intrusive and that with proper security consulting the effect of security on the principle, their friends and family and environment they operate in can be minimized.